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Käringsund Resort & Conference, Åland

Naturally beautiful Käringsund Resort & Conference is a complete holiday village for the whole family, with delightful, shallow beaches, water sports, mini-golf and fishing. Here you can stay in a bungalow or in a cottage by the shore. Good lunches … Läs mer

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Husky-Reindeer-Snowmobile safaris, Lapland

Now you have the opportunity to expirience the authentic nature of the Finish lapland togheter with some exiting activities. Your guide will teach you how to drive the snowmobile, husky sledge and raindeer sledge. On the first day you will … Läs mer

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V.I.P Snowmobile safari, Lapland

Enjoy the magnificient and unique nature of Lapland. Feel the adrenaline rush as you start the engine on a frosty morning. Spend your days cruising through the Lappish landscapes, with speed of up to 80km/h on the frozen lakes. Eat … Läs mer

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