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Hotel Linna, Helsinki

The name says it all. “Linna” in Finnish meaning “chateau” offering you the feeling of residing in a Chateau in the middle of Helsinki and counts as one of the most unique hotels in town. The carefully designed rooms are … Läs mer

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Hotel GLO, Helsinki

GLO is situated in the centre of Helsinki at a spot which is pivotal for the culture, history, and economy in the city. The hotel has a direct entrance to the first-class shopping centre Kämp Galleria. GLO is the epitome … Läs mer

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Hotel Helka, Helsinki

Hotel Helka is a privately owned hotel in the heart of Helsinki surrounded by services and sights of the capital of Finland. At the end of year 2008 YWCA building has been in Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu for 80 years, has seen … Läs mer

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