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Degersand Camping, Åland

First class cottage accommodation Degersand is located in Eckerö on the western part of the main island of the Åland islands. Degersands Camping invites with one of the largest sandy beaches in the archipelago. It is a naturally beautiful spot, … Läs mer

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Käringsund Resort & Conference, Åland

Naturally beautiful Käringsund Resort & Conference is a complete holiday village for the whole family, with delightful, shallow beaches, water sports, mini-golf and fishing. Here you can stay in a bungalow or in a cottage by the shore. Good lunches … Läs mer

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Strandpärlan exclusive villa, Åland

A new luxury villa by the sea, with a great view of Marbyfjärd and Sea of Åland. Strandpärlan is well suited for a luxury vacation with the family. It is perfect for a cosy sauna bathing weekend or for a … Läs mer

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Långöjen luxury villa, Åland

A luxury villa with a fantastic view The house is situated out on a small peninsula in the western part of the Åland islands, Eckerö. The peninsula is 55 hectares in size and the house property includes a 2.7-km coastline. … Läs mer

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