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Seal Safari, Åland

These animals belong to one of the most fascination inhabiting the oceans, known for being extremely curious. They communicate by slapping the water and grunting, making your first impression an unforgettable one. Meeting these amazing animals in their natural surroundings … Läs mer

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Kayak Excursion, Åland

A Kayak Tour around Åland’s archipelago is one of the most natural and intense experiences it’s nature has to offer, providing you not only with the opportunity to challenge yourself to new extremes but giving you also a wonderful opportunity … Läs mer

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Käringsund Resort & Conference, Åland

Naturally beautiful Käringsund Resort & Conference is a complete holiday village for the whole family, with delightful, shallow beaches, water sports, mini-golf and fishing. Here you can stay in a bungalow or in a cottage by the shore. Good lunches … Läs mer

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Fishing program, Åland

The Åland islands and its variety in skerries, sea bays and long coastlines offers the perfect surroundings for fish fanatics all year round. Fish home to these waters range from pike, perch, pikeperch and whitefish to sea trout and salmon. … Läs mer

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Cycling Tour, Åland

A cycling tour around Åland is one of the most popular activities it has to offer even though Åland consists of more than 6500 individual islands. Imagine yourself cycling from one end to the other of one island and taking … Läs mer

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