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how to get to the meeting

Flying in
Some options:
1) Fly to Stockholm, arriving Sunday June 24 early.
    Take any of several ferries during the day Sunday.
2) Fly to Stockhom, arriving Saturday June 23 and
  a) spend Saturday night in Stockholm and take early morning Sunday Ferry to Åland, or
  b) take Ferry overnight to Turku (also called Abo passing by Ålandd) and
      then ride Ferry back to Åland arriving Sunday afternoon (needs reservations for a room), or
  c) come to Mariehamn Saturday night
3) Fly to Helsinki and change planes to the Air Åland flight directly to Mariehamn.
    Or stay a while and see Helsinki.

Easiest for you is to send an email to Johan (wellComing.com) and tell him when your planes arrive and depart from Stockholm or Helsinki. Tell him whether you are more interested in fast travel or scenery and how limited your budget, and let him arrange travel for you.

For those sleeping in Stockholm we recommend the Freys Hotel. Johan (wellComing.com) can make reservations for you and organize differnt packages with hotel, taxi service Sunday morning from Freys to the ferry.

Traveling from Stockholm or Helsinki by ferry or plane to the meeting in Mariehamn

Viking Line (red boats, several each day from Stockholm, Kapelskar, Turku and Helsinki). The Viking Line has an information and ticket office in the Stockholm Central Bus station, upstairs and North from the train station and directly overhead the airport train arrival.

Ålands Ferry (ÅlandsFärjan) is run by the Viking line. It is one boat that goes back and forth between Mariehamn and Kappelskär. A special bus goes between Stockholm and Kappelskär and meets every ferry. Boat plus bus is 4 hours.

The combined Viking Line and ÅlandsFerry Schedules from Stockholm to Åland on Saturday and Sunday are:

6.00 AM bus or taxi from Stockholm to terminal (about 4 km)
7.45 AM -> 14.10 huge Viking boat Isabella Stockholm to Mariehamn

7.20 AM bus from Stockholm Central Station (90 minute ride, coordinated with Ferry)
9.00- 12.30 ÅlandsFerry from Kapellskär to Mariehamn

13.20 bus from Stockholm Central Station (90 minute ride, coordinated with Ferry)
15.00 -> 18.30 ÅlandsFerry from Kapellskär to Mariehamn

15.00 Bus or taxi from Stockholm Central bus station (about 4 km ride)
16.45 -> 23.40 Viking Line huge boat (Gabriella or Mariella) to Mariehamn.

16.30 Bus or taxi from Stockholm to terminal (about 4 km)
18.00 -> 7.45 AM big Viking boat Cinderella overnight Stockholm -> Mariehamn

18.50 bus from Stockholm Central Station (90 minute ride, coordinated with Ferry)
20.30 - 00.05 Ferry from Kapellskär to Mariehamn

20.10 -> 14.10 PM huge Viking boat Amorella Stockholm to Turku and then back to Mariehamn
Get bed and room on boat and arrive the next afternoon

The combined Viking Line and ÅlandsFerry Schedules from Åland to Stockholm on Saturday and Sunday are (in brief, leaving out middle-of-the-night departures):

7 AM and arrive in Stockholm center at 10 AM
        (ÅlandsFerry, includes 90 minute bus to Stockholm)

10:15 AM and arrive (by scenic route) at 3:15 PM

1 PM and arrive at 4 PM (ÅlandsFerry, includes 90 minute bus to Stockholm)

2:25 PM and arrive (by scenic route) at 7:50 PM.

7:00 PM and arrive at 9:45 PM (ÅlandsFerry, includes 90 minute bus to Stockholm)

Silja Line (white and blue boats, a few boats each day from Stockholm, Turku and Helsinki, one boat from Kapelskär).

The Viking Line and Silja line have many almost identical ships and schedules, Silja is a shade more upscale. Most of the ships go back and forth from Finland to Sweden, stopping at Åland for a few minutes. These ferries are something boats, gambling and drinking cruise ships. The ticket is an absurdly low 12 Euro or so round trip. You can spend money on board for many things (Most day passengers are riding for fun, they get off at Mariehamn and get back on a boat going back to their home mainland). You can get a room with beds. You can get on in the evening, sleep all night on the boat as it goes to Åland and beyond, then have a nice day cruise back to Åland. The ride from Stockholm is about 6 hours and from Finland about 8 hours. The four hours of the ride closest to Stockholm is quite scenic. The whole ferry ride from Turku is scenic.

Eckerö Line
One (relatively) small boat goes back and forth between Grissleham Sweden and Eckero on Åland. Many trips a day. A one hour non-scenic boat ride. The bus from Stockholm to Grissleham is about 2 hours through the rural countryside, the bus from Eckero to Mariehamn is about 45 minutes through rural countryside. The bus from Stockholm is not at the Central bus station, you have to take a subway to get to the bus. The Eckerö Line has the best schedule, the least time and is the least nice. A good option if you have a car. Also often used by the locals.

Air Åland (click on brittish flag for English) Åland airline, flying daily Helsinki-Mariehamn, Stockholm-Mariehamn. But no flights on Mid-Summer (June 23).

Some details about travel from Stockholm and Helsinki

Stockholm airport to Stockholm center by bus. About 10 Euros (100 Kroner). 40 minute ride. The bus leaves about every 10 minutes so you will be at the bus station 42-52 minutes after you walk out the front door of the airport. Pay on the bus or ask at the information booth at the airport, you might be able to pay there. You catch the bus right outside the airport at the main level. It goes straight to the central bus station (last stop).

Stockholm airport to Stockholm center by special train. About 20 Euros (200 Kroner). 20 minute ride. The train leaves every 20 minutes so you will be at the bus station 25-45 minutes after you leave the main airport lobby. Pay at the information booth in the airport lobby or at the automated train kiosks near the train or on boad. From the airport lobby follow signs to the train deep under the airport. When you arrive in Stockholm (last stop) you are under the bus station. Walk in the direction the train was
going (South) into the train station. Then turn around and take the escalators straight backwards (North) up into the bus station.

Stockholm bus station to Ferry by bus. Buses leave for both the big Viking Line Ferries and the ÅlandsFerry from the central bus station. Ask for details at the Viking Line desk.

The Ferry ride. All of the Ferries have an expensive smorgesbord style restuarant and also a cheaper cafeteria. The bigger boats have more restuarants than that. All have upper deck outdoor sitting areas which give the best views. Almost all have some dark room with lounge seats where you can rest. All have a secure locked room where you should stow your stuff for the journey, you have to get your stuff into that room within 15 minutes of departure. The big boats have private rooms with beds if you want to sleep properly. You should get to the exit door by the official arrival time, but not 15 minutes before like the announcer tries to get you to do. The ÅlandsFerry has good free wireless internet in the cafeteria.

Mariehamn Ferry terminal to Solhem by taxi. If we know your arrival ferry we will make sure there is a taxi waiting for you. The cost is about 10 Euros. As you exit the terminal building look around for other people who seem likely to be going to this same meeting. Big tips are not standard (for taxis or waiters).

Mariehamn Ferry terminal to Solhem by foot. Its about 2 km. Use the Mariahamn maps on this www site or that you pick up on the Ferry. The nicest walk goes on a foot path by the water straight South from the Ferry terminal. Then the final bit is by bike path near the main road (Ålandsvägan also called Järsövägen).

Helsinki to Turku (Abo) by train. There is a 2 hour train from the central Helsinki train station direct to the Ferry terminals in Abo (Turku). It is timed for catching the Ferry, leaving Helsinki about 3 hours before the Ferry departure time. Don't get off in downtown Turku, but wait and get off at the Ferry terminal.


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