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At the conference...


How to apply (applications were due April 1, 2007, space may or may not be available for late applicants)

Early enquiries welcome. If you want to update a submission make it complete so we can just delete the old one.
* Send an email to ruina@cornell.edu.
* Subject line "Principles of legs 2007 application".
* Plain text, no attachments.
* If you are coming you should have got an email from Andy Ruina on April 23. If you did not, please write to ruina@cornell.edu (put Dynamic Walking 2007 in subject line)

I. a) Your name, contact information ,
b) a short informal description of your research group,
c) link to your web page.

II. List of people in your group who want to come to this meeting, with contact information for each and a short description of each person's interests, activities and status.

III. For each talk your group is able or interested in giving give,
a) an informal title
b) a short informal easy-to-read description of the question addressed, the means by which you are working on it, your results so far, and the main open issues yet to be solved (say, about 15 to 200 words).
c) A list of the people in your group who could talk on that topic.

IV. Would you like to have a poster instead of a talk? Only if there is no time for your talk? Not at all?

V. What are you most interested in hearing talks about? From whom?

Conference arrangements
Conference arrangements are separated into two categories:
1. Conference fee includes registration, food and lodging at Solhem Sunday night through Saturday morning. Send an email to ruina@cornell.edu and for registration and payment information.
2. Other arrangements and reservations i.e. hotels, transportations, activities, pre- & post tours, etc will be arranged by Johan (wellComing.com).

Cost: 700 Euros (includes registration, food and lodging).
Apply for discount (400 Euros for students): Students from funded projects are invited but not required to pay the full 700 Euro fee. Others wishing a discount for one reason or another should ask in an email. Most costs are paid from the meeting fees.

The conference fee covers 6 nights of lodging (Sunday through Friday nights) in a shared room with breakfast, lunch and dinner; organization fees (venu, internet, snacks), and a day trip on a sailing ship. Optional extra: private room or room to share with private guest (+150 Euros).

* All meals included.
* Central evening meeting place provided with available beer (for sale) and free snacks and coffee.
* Afternoon trip (with dinner) on an antique-style sailing ship included.

How to pay? If you are planning to come you should have got an email with payment information. If you have not got that email write to ruina@cornell.edu and ask for payment information.
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