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what to bring

The local currency is Euros, but some businesses accept Swedish Kroners. It is likely that you can survive your whole trip on plastic (credit card). Cash is genuinely needed only for exceptional things like 5 Kroners (they'll take a 0.80 Euro if you ask) for the toilet in the Stockholm bus station.

Typical clothing is long pants, a shirt and a handy water-tolerant jacket. Bring an additional light water-proof jacket for real rain and for the boat ride. Bring a bathing suit for a sauna (sauna is a Finnish word) and an after-sauna swim (which is nice no matter the season or weather).
Some data. Eight recent years of temperature data (19994-2002) and four years of precipitation data for the last week of June show:
  daily low daily high average
average day 10C (50F) 19C (67F) 15C (59F)
most extreme 3C (38F) 25C (78F)  

For the 4 years of precipitation data In the last week of June two thirds of the days had no rain and 1/10 of the days had more than 1 cm. In one of 4 years that week had no rain and one year it rained 4 days. However, recent years seem to have been more warm and dry.

Bring a helmet if you want to use one of the free bikes. (Bikes are marked with a band of red tape on the handlebars, parked in the parking lot at Solhem. Keys are in the locks, please lock when you take them away from Solhem.).

Finland uses standard European round 2-prong plugs. The prongs have slightly smaller diameter than the Brittish/Indian ones (see photo of adapters, click to enlarge). The voltage is 220V. Most laptops etc will work fine with 220V, check your power-supply fine print for "100-240V" or some such. Your computer likely included the adapter in its original packing supplies.

There will be wireless access at the meeting venue and at the lodging. Standard wireless cards work for wireless internet, the wirelss routers in Finland are the same ones sold in the US. We will have standard video connection (VGA) and digital (mac) for projection. But you could bring your talk on a USB stick and use someone else's computer if you like.

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