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At the conference...


Talks and Posters           See program for the start times.
         1:00 means 1 hour for setup, intro, talk, questions, and disconnect.
         0:30 means 30 mintues.
         Please leave about 1/3 of your talk time for questions.

Revised 1 August 2007 (many talks power point available from this 230 Mbyte download)

Monday 25 June
- morning
0:20Ruina, AndyWelcome, thanks, logistics
1:00Donelan, MaxWhat is known about human walking?
1:00Atkeson A biased survey of robot walking controllers.
0:40Wisse, MartijnLimit Cycle Walking.

- afternoon
0:30 Ruina, Andy A short review of passive dynamic locomotion.
0:20Safak, Koray K.A biped based on passive dynamics and biomimetics principles.
0:30Aoustin, YannickEffect of Circular Arc Feet on a Control Law for a Biped.
1:00Seyfarth, AndreWalking and Running.
0:15Steinkamp, PeterHomemade passive-dynamic toys.

- night (public talks)
1:00Alexander, NcNeill How dinosaurs moved.
Demo of "Dribbel"
Demo of "Ranger"
1:00Herr, HughHuman Augmentation: New Minds, New Bodies, New Identities.

Tuesday 26 June

- morning
1:00Herr, HughDesign of a new powered prosthetic foot: Concepts, implementation, results.
1:00 Kuo, Art The Dynamic Walking point of view: center of mass trajectories and the step-to-step transition.
0:30Collins, SteveI. Energy of arm swinging,
II. Energy storage and release foot prosthesis.
0:20Bregman, DaanCompensating for reduced push-off by adding ankle springs.
0:20Sugar, ThomasEfficient Robotic Tendon for Gait Assistance
0:20Sawicki, Gregory Sawicki, Gregory The mechanics and energetics of walking with powered ankle exoskeletons.

- afternoon (poster session)
Each poster presenter will also give a talk (3-6 minutes) representing the opening speach they would give to people walking up to their poster, as well as any videos that are relevant. The poster session will start with an hour of these talks in the lecture room. Then enjoy the posters with beer for a few hours. Please set up your Poster at iTiden at lunchtime on Monday afternoon. There is no restriction on paper size or shape.
  Au, Samual A powered ankle-foot prosthesis that improves walking economy.
 Bhounsule, PranavCharacteristics of an electric motor.
  Coros, Stelian SIMBICON, a simple robot/graphics controller for walking, running and more.
 Cortell, JasonDesign and control of Cornell Ranger.
 Daley, MonicaMuscle force and mechanical energy output during stabilization in running birds.
 de Boer, TomasQuestions concerning large disturbance behavior.
 Dermitzakis, Konstantinos Actuated bipeds based on passive dynamic principles.
 Dertien, EdwinChanging from hip to ankle actuation in the 2D robot Dribbel.
 Feliksdal, GuillaumeADAMS simulations.
 Flynn, LouisEnergetics and Behavioural Mechanics of Animals
  Ivanenko, Yuri Learning to walk, how toddler gait is special
 Karssen, DanielMonitoring of walking robots by multi-way principal component analysis
 Lowe, ThomasDynamically driven stepping, building on passive dynamics.
 Lucchesi, Nicola Novel Actuator for Powered Exoskeleton.
 McKelvey, KimUsing springs to increase the range and stability of passive gaits.
 Peralta, Jos CabezaControl of biped walking: cost-efficiency and migration from passive walking to active control.
 Remy C. DavidOptimal estimation of dynamically consistent motions in simulations.
 Stephens, BenjaminBalance using integral control.
 Thorson, IvarA variable-stiffness series-elastic actuator for robotics.
 Scholz, MelanieRunning economy and the moment arm of the Achilles tendon.

Wednesday 27 June

- morning
1:00Alexander, McNeillDo animals optimize?
0:30Atkeson, ChrisOptimization applied to legged locomotion.
0:30Stelzer, MaximilianModeling, simulation and optimization related to walking.
0:30Srinivasan, ManojEnergetics of walking and running using simple models.
0:30Vanderborght, BramActive trajectory control, natural dynamics and energy consumption.

- afternoon
1:00 Donelan, MaxI. Energy harvesting,
II. Determinants of metabolic cost in pathological gait
III. Scaling of sensorimotor control
0:30Houdijk, HanDoes the work in the step-to-step transition account for the increased metabolic energy cost of amputee walking?
0:30v.d.Krogt, MarjoleinA 7-segment model for Cerebral Palsy gait.
0:30Howard, DavidPredictive Modelling of Human Walking Over a Complete Gait Cycle.

- night
1:00 Sahlin, Alexander   I. A jumping powered boat,
 II. A wind powered boat.
III. Demonstrations.

Thursday 28 June

- morning
1:00Marsh, Richard LI. Using blood flow to measure energy use by individual muscles.
II. Swing phase energetics and mechanics.
0:30Carr, JenniferCost of Transport during Swimming and Running in Two Species of Birds
0:30van Noorden, LeonPeople take longer steps when walking to music.
0:30Wu, ChristineControl of standing: constraints, energy and Lyapunov exponents.
0:30Wieber, Pierre-Brice Viability and Predictive Control in Stable Locomotion.


1:00 Kuo, Art I. Spring-mass locomotion, II. Powered-passive walking, III. Energetics of muscle use
0:30 Ruina, Andy Miscellaneous comments on the mechanics of locomotion

Friday 29 June

- morning
1:00Stramigioli, StefanoI. Power Based Geometrical Robotics
II. Power continuous Oscillation Generation
0:30John, ChandSimulating treadmill walking using open-source software.
0:20van Oort, Gijs Velocity control of a 2D dynamic walking robot
1:00Formalsky, AlexanderControlling biped locomotion by driving some angles as a function of one undriven angle.

- afternoon
0:30Martynenko, YuriA gyroscopically stabilized monocycle and bicycle.
0:30 Héliot, Rodolphe Generation of walking trajectories synchronized with sensor input.
0:30Hurst, JonathanA Biped with Mechanically Adjustable Series Compliance.
0:30Ivanenko, YuriModular control of lower limb kinematics.
1:00Hodgins, JessicaConstruction and optimal search of interpolated motion graphs
for the control of human motion
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