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At the conference...

Press Packet


At the conference.

This page is for reference as the meeting starts and during the meeting. It may be updated during the meeting.

Arrival: who is arriving when and by what means.

Room assignment: where are you staying and with whom.

Internet access: directions on how to connect at various places. There is a USB printer for general use in the main building in Pensionat Solhem. Projector resolution for talks: 1024 x 768

Bikes are in the parking lot. Those with a red band of tape on the handlebar belong to the Nåtö Biological station and are for your use at this meeting. Please lock the bike you take when it away from Solhem. When you are done, leave the key in the lock at Solhem. There is a blue toolbox in Solhem for making minor repairs or adjustments.

Sauna: The Sauna at Solhem will be available for use on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings after dinner.

All meals are free for all attendees at all locations. Some beverages will cost extra at most meals.

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