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At the conference...

Where to stay?

Pensionat Solhem or other possible hotels
1) Pensionat Solhem, (1st choice, lodging included in conference fee) Scenic informal quiet low-key pretty sea-side setting with row boats. 3 km from town. Walk or busline to conference. All 29 rooms are reserved for this conference. Free wireless.
2) Hotel Cikada, A short walk to restuarants, bars and town. Sauna, small pool. Walk or bus to meeting. Simple half-decent hotel. This is the backup hotel if Solhem (above) gets filled. In this case room will be covered by conference fee.
3) Hotel Arkipelag (about 150 Euros/night for a room) Biggest fanciest hotel in Mariehamn. Not as close to the meeting venue, but still available by walk or bus.
4) Rental cabin by the sea. Simple cottages (called "stugas")are available on a walking distance to Solhem and the Ytternas school (or near Solhem). Most have a sauna. About 500 Euros/week.

Please, contact Johan (wellComing.com) for any information and other arrangements regarding accomodation and other services on Åland.

If you are staying Sunday through Saturday you don't need to make any housing arrangements but for picking roommates if you like. Your stay at Solhem is reserved.

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