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Conference on Dynamic Walking
- on the
Åland islands in the Baltic Sea

Attending? You should have got an email on 21 June. If not, contact Andy.

24-30 June 2007 in Mariehamn, Finland.

Most people know how to walk. But, as scientists, physicians, and engineers we seem to have a remarkably poor conscious understanding of how we do it. The aim of this meeting is to help advance that understanding. Some questions to be addressed include:
  1) How can we predict how people or animals will
      move from basic principles?
  2) How can we build more-stable and more-energy-effective
      legged robots?
  3) What data do we have that reveals or refutes important
      principles or concepts in animal, human or robotic
      legged locomotion?

Progress answering these questions will help the science of understanding humans and animals, help the development of useful robots, and help the development of better diagnostics and correction of human locomotion disabilities.

Public talks Monday June 25 19:00 in the Parliament building

R. McNeill Alexander, FRS: How dinosaurs moved. Simple ideas from engineering help us to work out how giant dinosaurs probably moved. Alexander is Emeritus Professor of Zoology at the University of Leeds. He is the author of more than a dozen books, including Optima for Animals, as well as the award-winning CD-ROM Animals on the Move.

Robot demos: Stramigioli & Cortell

Hugh Herr, MIT professor: Human Augmentation: New Minds, New Bodies, New Identities. The talk will touch upon cognitive and physical prostheses that augment the mind and body. Herr will demonstrate the world's first powered ankle with board, battery, motor, springs, packaged on the prosthesis. The speaker is founder of The Herr Institute for Human Rehabilitation, a professor at MIT and a lecturer at the Harvard Medical School.

Special lecture: Wednesday June 27, 19:00 at Pensionat Solhem.
Alexander Sahlin: Jumping powered hydrofoil and the world's fastest sailboat. Sahlin is the inventor of the Trampofoil and is designing a sail boat that he hopes will go 50 knots. ...more.

Meeting chair: Andy Ruina

This pilot house is visible from the ferry upper decks 21 minutes before your Mariehamn arrival.

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